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Over 2 decades Paul successfully launched several companies with scores of employees and millions in revenue.  But when cancer, loss of a home and the financial crisis exposed foundational gaps in the way Paul built his prior companies, he became determined to assemble a world class team and a process to serve other businesses.  By safeguarding clients from these problems, his team and partners are Fixing the Failure RateTM.  Each year company values increase for business owner clients as they proceed down a customized Prosperity Path to Fund, Grow, Exit and Give.
Give is the central point. Give creates legacy.  The leader who gives can be a Permanent Leader.  This is the notion that motivates Paul as he serves, coaches and speaks to large and small audiences.

"run better, grow faster with more Margin So You Can Give Great.  it will change your life.
- Paul Kilzer - 
Born and raised in the Midwest United States, Paul learned the value and blessing of hard work from his father, mother and grandfather - entrepreneurs, preachers and teachers.  A retail store, farm, consulting, motel and cash flow advisory businesses were everyday conversation.  Starting a business at just after high school, it was the first of many - some good, some not so good.  But in life, sometimes you win and sometimes you learn.

Paul became accustomed to winning on a state champion baseball team and as a quarterback on a perennial national championship football program.  Inspiring and leading the people while managing the situation drew on his natural gifts and became second nature.  With a love for building leaders, he continues to train top level High school QBs.
His first sizable startup company, having dozens of employees and many locations grew by working hard to acquire others businesses, attract great teammates and lead them to fulfill the vision as a thriving success, later selling for more than $30 million.  In the follow up venture, licensing a proprietary approach to growing fast, his team spread across 3 states helping clients make the mental, emotional and organizational adjustments to double and triple their year-over-year results.

During time at a seed-stage, public-private-institutional venture capital firm Paul discovered many people and tools that create fast results.  These elements are in the platform, procedures and system that will make your business run better and grow faster.

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